Here are a few examples of placements we've gotten.

In general, these are pretty indicative of the outlets we work with. Rolling Stone is unlikely (never say never). Media conglomerate placements happen now and then. Indie blogs are where it’s at.

Past Clients

This definitely isn’t exhaustive, but it’s fairly representative:

  • Brad Peterson
  • Brother James
  • Eros
  • Evan Castle and the Southern Tier
  • Haelphon
  • Jared Henry
  • Kinn
  • Like Lions
  • Living on Universal Denial
  • Parlors
  • Pretoria
  • Rachel Shaps
  • Thomas Austin
Generally, our best genres are indie, singer-songwriter, pop, Americana, folk, rock, synth stuff, and variations of those sounds – but if we dig your music and we think we can place it, the genre is secondary.

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