We don't hide our prices – largely because they're super reasonable.

Look, the big promo people are usually really good. But they’re never cheap. Have a look around, and you’ll see that most PR campaigns start around $750 and go (wayyy) up from there.

We’re focused on building up artists we believe in. That means keeping things within a budget that makes sense for a normal person.

Hipster Starter

For artists with DIY budgets looking to start getting some buzz.
$ 497 3-Week Campaign
  • 50 Customized Pitches
  • Custom Press Release
  • 1 Round of Follow-Ups
  • Additional Platforms
  • Transparent Live Reporting
  • 3 Guaranteed Placements

Popular Indie

For artists looking to grow an existing audience and pick up steam.
$ 747 1-Month Campaign
  • 75 Customized Pitches
  • Full EPK Creation
  • 2 Rounds of Follow-Ups
  • Musosoup
  • Transparent Live Reporting
  • 6 Guaranteed Placements


For artists with established audiences looking for significant press.
$ 997 6-Week Campaign
  • 100+ Customized Pitches
  • Full EPK Creation
  • 3 Rounds of Follow-Ups
  • Musosoup + SubmitHub
  • Transparent Live Reporting
  • 10 Guaranteed Placements

Looking for something custom?

If you have needs that aren’t listed here / think that some of the features in a campaign might not apply to you – hey, let’s talk. Our goal is to provide campaigns that fit your needs perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nice, you started off with a very broad (but also relevant) question. Good stuff.

So I’m going to try to keep this answer short:

  • You set your release date and provide us with relevant materials (the music, your links, photos, etc.).
  • We identify a list of relevant outlets / playlists to target.
  • We reach out to curators at those outlets one by one.
  • We follow-up with curators directly.
  • We coordinate coverage and share all updates with you in a live Google sheet.
  • You rack up the placements.

I think that covers most of it, but just in case, there are five other questions and answers below.

A “custom pitch” is the direct opposite of a mass email blast. Copying-pasting-sending a press release to a list of 1000 blogs is less personal than custom pitching, and percentage-wise, it’s also far less effective.

Basically, custom pitching involves reaching out to curators on a one-to-one basis. This takes time and requires relationship.

In the long run I think it’s more fun.



Just kidding. It’s very much not magic. We don’t guarantee placements with specific outlets, just a total number.

That means that if we complete our given number of pitches (say, 50) and we don’t get our guaranteed number of placements (say, 3) – we just keep pitching until we do.

If it becomes abundantly clear that we won’t be able to get your guaranteed results, we offer full refunds.

We do offer refunds if we can’t deliver on our guarantees – but only if we don’t hit our promised number of placements. In other words, if we get the right number of placements but you’re disappointed you didn’t make Rolling Stone, you’ll have to live with the disappointment.

(In seriousness, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.)

Great question.

So, it used to be that the only way to reach blog curators / press outlets was via one-to-one contact, usually by email.

Now, like half of the blogging world is on SubmitHub or Musosoup (including a bunch of really good blogs). We don’t want you to miss out on a good placement, so for Popular Indie and Mainstream campaigns, we eat the cost of submitting to these platforms.

Bottom line: You won’t have to pay anything past the listed price, but you’ll be submitted to best-fit blogs on the platform(s) listed on your package.

Hey, we love a curious mind. Ask away – shoot an email to jon at twostorymedia dot com.

Final note…

Just want to throw out that it’s completely understandable if you’re not ready to spend on PR. In many cases, that’s actually the right call – in fact, I highly recommend giving it a shot yourself before paying someone else to do it. If you want to go for that, here’s a course I made that can help.

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