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“Jon is the best. Don’t be stupid.”

Old Friends, New Friends


“Streams went crazy! We found some really solid listeners.”



“We could not be happier with our experience. Thanks to Jon and Two Story Media, we are building our fan base in all the right ways. We are grateful for the collaboration and we look forward to ongoing work with them in the future.”



“Jon is an informed, honest and collaborative partner. He helped me set up my first Meta campaign, as well as giving me advice on what to prioritise as an independent artist. I came away with knowledge and new skills for the future. Hugely grateful!”



“Through the guidance you’ve provided, my Spotify streams have seen a remarkable increase—from less than a hundred monthly listeners to nearly 20,000 streams on my latest release. This achievement even includes a feature on Spotify’s curated playlists for top Christian and gospel music, a milestone I never imagined reaching so soon.”

Romario Lela


“I want to thank you for your transparency and communication through the whole process of the campaign. It was very exciting to see the feature posted onto blogs and have the song added to Spotify playlists… I appreciate the interpersonal quality that you and your team put into the PR process and would definitely work with you all again.”

John Bickel


“It was exciting to see my song on playlists, and to read blog posts about my song! I loved seeing a clear spreadsheet of the exact playlists my song was being pitched to… It was my first song ever released, so it was nice to have the help from Jon who knew what he was doing with this whole music world navigation. It has overall been an exciting experience, and I’ll be using TSM for my future releases.”

Lonely Choir


“Communication, organization, scope, transparency, advice and expertise… I’m very pleased with the experience. Jon, you are awesome.”

Mama Said


“Quick to respond and gives detailed updates about the campaign every week. He is friendly and very reliable. He gets it done… Jon is great at what he does and whatever you sign up for… it is well worth the money.”

Jess Meilman