We help indie artists
get heard and be understood.

When you work with us, you’ll get press placements, playlist adds, and pretty good advice.
Plus we actually care about you and your music.

Our Philosophy

We believe that today’s marketplace offers artists like you more opportunities than ever to get heard and more challenges than ever to being understood.

We promote your music on meaningful platforms to build an audience that cares about your artistry.

What We Offer

We do three things: press promotion, playlist promotion, and consulting. Our standard services are available in packages. But if you have particular needs (classic sitch), we can help you put together a tailored campaign that’ll meet them.

Press Promotion

We pitch publications that are relevant to your music. We provide guaranteed placements – not at specific outlets because we’re not scammy. We just promise to keep pitching until you get results.

Playlist Promotion

Spotify is a playlist-driven playing field, and curator playlist placements still matter very much. We vet and pitch genre-relevant playlists to help you drive legit streams on Spotify. As with our press campaigns, we provide guaranteed results.


It’s much easier to move forward if you have help. We offer consulting packages to help you brand your artistry, plan campaigns, and generally just do as well as possible at music marketing / life.

πŸ“ˆ Want to grow on Spotify? We just launched a service to help πŸ‘‰