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Does any of this sound familiar?

❌ You feel overwhelmed by all the marketing info out there – so you haven’t been sure how to move forward in getting your music heard.

❌ You bought a course on Spotify promotion – then got stuck somewhere between setting up ads and pitching playlists, without much to show for it.

❌ You paid an agency thousands of dollars – but results were just okay and you couldn’t justify (or really even afford) the cost.

❌ You’re just super tired of seeing low stream counts when you’ve poured so much into the music.

This is all pretty common… and it can definitely be discouraging.

But the good news is that any artist with good music can reach 1M+ streams. You just need info and support (and, not going to lie, some consistent hard work, which is why accountability comes in handy).

I created the Million+ Streams Membership to help.

Move toward 1,000,000+ streams with strategy and support.

It’s kind of the best of all worlds. Here’s what the membership includes.

Included in the first month of membership.

📞 30-Minute Intro Call

You’ll get a 1:1 call with me (Jon) to get started, so you can set strategy and make sure you’re on the right track.

Course included with membership.

🧱 Spotify 101

Learn the fundamentals of Spotify marketing.

✅ How the algorithm works
✅ How to release music
✅ The 4 methods of promotion

Course included with membership.

🟢 100k Streams

Learn the path to your first 100k streams on Spotify.

✅ The promotional flywheel
✅ How to get on playlists
✅ How to run Meta ads

All future trainings included with membership.

🎥 Monthly Trainings

Access a new training each month on topics like…

✅ How to grow your own playlist
✅ Breakdowns of the best ad campaigns
✅ Collaboration tips and techniques 

All future Q&As included with membership.

🙋 Live Group Q&A

Join a live, group Q&A each month to unpack each training in more depth and get your specific questions answered.

Includes half an hour of live access per member each month.

🕙 1:1 Office Hours

Some challenges take more than a group call to solve. Book 1:1 time each month to get help setting strategy and dive deep on any Spotify questions you have.


💬 Community Support

Share wins, shoot the breeze, and get your questions answered in our community threads.

👬 Collab Opportunities

Connect with other artists who are making Spotify progress – and move forward faster together.

🤝 Data Sharing

Members who share their Spotify for Artists data receive access to our shared account, so you can see Spotify data across the community.

🐹 Guinea-Pig Services

Apply to try Spotify marketing services for free, so that Two Story can report back on the results for everyone else.

Get results like these.

For transparency’s sake, this community is new, so I don’t have testimonials for it yet.
But here are some screenshots and kind words from past Two Story students and clients.

(You can click on an image to make it bigger.)

"Through the guidance you've provided, my Spotify streams have seen a remarkable increase—from less than a hundred monthly listeners to nearly 20,000 streams on my latest release. This achievement even includes a feature on Spotify's curated playlists for top Christian and gospel music, a milestone I never imagined reaching so soon."
Romario Lela
"After our chat, I ended up with some small successes on Spotify and the streams are going up. I’m experiencing success because of what you’ve been teaching. I can’t quite put a price on that yet but you should feel good about that too. Thank you."
Andrew Gordon
"Jon is an informed, honest and collaborative partner. He helped me set up my first Meta campaign, as well as giving me advice on what to prioritise as an independent artist. I came away with knowledge and new skills for the future. Hugely grateful!"
"Apart from the well-structured and well-delivered info in the lessons I really appreciate Jon’s humor and attitude. It comes across as very honest with fine examples of his own results with believeable numbers... The background info on Spotify Playlists was a highlight for me. And the explanations of how ad campaigns work was surprisingly easy to follow thanks to the step-by-step guides."
Carsten Nielsen
"It would have taken me FOREVER to figure it out myself. It helped to focus on the things that matter (audience vs. creative). And the ads have worked!!! I can tell that I’m reaching real fans. I'm on Day 34 of the campaign for the first song, and I've gone from 90 monthly listeners to 576 as of today (and that number grows a bit more every day)."
Juliet Lloyd

Ready to Get Your Music Heard?

🚀 Start the journey toward 1M+ streams.
Join the community and start building your Spotify profile today.

Want to make sure it’s worth it? No worries. We’ve got a sweet…

30-Day, No-Risk Guarantee

If you’re not getting value from the membership, just reach out within thirty days of your purchase and we’ll provide a 100% refund, no questions asked.


Classic question. Here’s my short answer: Probably. But also maybe not.

Here’s my longer answer: There are four factors that’ll determine if this will work for you.

  1. Is your music actually good?
  2. Will you be able to release more music consistently?
  3. Will you have a few hours each month to engage with the community and work on promotion?
  4. Will you be able to consistently spend a couple of hundred bucks each month on ads?

If you can answer yes to all of those questions, then this is almost certainly going to work for you. Three out of four, and you’re in good shape.

Two out of four, and it’ll be rough going.

Less than that… it’s probably not worth your time to join. Buy yourself a new pair of headphones or something instead.

24 days.

Just kidding.

Honestly, it’s kind of up to you. You could join the community, watch the courses, and start running an ad campaign today. You’d start seeing followers / streams come in tomorrow. Or you could pitch one curator, get on the playlist of your dreams, and blow up immediately. Or you could join and do nothing for three years. Idk.

But I recommend giving yourself at least three months.

Growth can be hard. Your first playlist pitch will probably be ignored. Your first ad campaign will probably be your worst.

But your 10th pitch might garner a placement. Your next ad campaign might get more followers at a lower cost.

Like anything else, you’ll get better at this the more you do it. Or, put another way, you’ve got to keep doing it to get better.

So, yeah, 24 days 😉 

No, can’t do that, sorry.

Look, like I wrote above – I honestly believe that any artist who has good music and is willing to put in consistent time can get to 1M+ streams. But just like downloading the Duolingo doesn’t guarantee you’ll learn Italian, joining this membership doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a ton of streams. In both cases, you have to do the work over a sustained period of time.

Puoi farlo.

Fair question. There are a lot of marketing communities out there. I think two things make this one different.

First, as far as I know, it’s the only paid community focused specifically on Spotify growth.

Second, while pretty much every community offers group calls, pretty much nobody offers to spend 1:1 time with students each month. (At least that I’ve seen.)

Here’s what you should probably have to get the most out of this community:

  • A song on Spotify
  • A plan to put more songs on Spotify
  • Video editing software (I teach Premiere Pro, but the concept is very basic and works with free software)
  • A Facebook page for your music
  • An Instagram account for your music
  • A few hundred bucks. Ideally, you’ll plan to spend $300 per month on ads for as long as you want to run them. If you have less than that available, you probably should stick to playlist pitching.

I (Jon) set aside 10-20 half-hour slots every month to take 1:1 calls with students. Each member can book up to one half-hour slot per month, which are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

On the call, we’ll work through the specific problems you’re facing.

I thought you might… this is kind of complicated stuff.

Shoot it over to jon at twostorymedia dot com.

🚀 Use code “launch” to get $20 off the membership price for life. Valid this week only. 👉