Get more (meaningful) streams and followers on Spotify.

Our ads-based approach to Spotify promotion shows your songs
to real people who are really interested in your music.

📈 Customized ad campaigns that drive low costs-per-click.

📈 Guaranteed engaged listeners (not just “organic streams”).

📈 Consistent growth that boosts your algorithmic reach over time.

Here's How It Works

We run ads through Meta Ads Manager on Facebook and Instagram. Users who click on an ad are directed to a landing page, where they’ll be asked to click again to listen on Spotify.

The end result: You put your music in front of people who want to hear it.

“Streams went crazy! We found some really solid listeners.”

Here's how people feel about it.

10/10. Would recommend to any up-and-coming independent artist.”

Sophia Sheth

It’s fantastic to see such great results from what Jon is doing. I would highly recommend working with Jon to anyone who is serious about expanding their listeners and is in it for the long haul.”

Franc Cinelli

Transparent with expectations and delivered the results. Very communicative offering reports and stats on progress as well as advising as to what we should be doing on the campaign.”

Alex Lopez

We could not be happier with our experience. Thanks to Jon and Two Story Media, we are building our fan base in all the right ways.”


“Jon is the best. Don’t be stupid.”

Old Friends, New Friends

“Jon has been amazing to work with! His contribution has been invaluable in building awareness for my music. I def look forward to continuing my relationship with  Two Story Media as my journey as a producer continues! 
Cannot recommend this guy enough!”


I have been beyond satisfied… What they offer that is less common in the digital marketing space is integrity and a genuine desire to not just develop successful campaigns but ensure clients’ continued growth and success even after the professional relationship ends.”

Greg Osei

“Jon is fast, smart, flexible and he really does know what he is doing. I loved his approach and I learned a lot from his job.
I think he is a great marketer for music in this digital age.”

William Poni


Here's How We Work

Here are some things we believe in.

🤷 Honest Advice

This stuff isn’t right for everybody; some artists are better off running their own ads or not focusing on Spotify at all. We’ll tell you straight-up what we think will and won’t work.

🌳 Sustainable Artistry

We value sustainable artistry over a rollercoaster of streaming spikes – so we focus on driving engaged streams that grow your algorithmic presence over time.

💪 Artist Empowerment

We believe artists should have control over this stuff. That’s why we prefer to run campaigns inside of artists’ ad accounts – so you have full visibility on your own data.

Our Process


(Pretty much right away)

We have a live, 30-minute consultation with you to get things running. Basically, we work to understand what your goals are, what your ideal audience is, and what we need to create to get your music in front of them.


(After our call)

We get access to any accounts we need and create any videos that we’ll use. Good news is that you don’t even need a music video or anything fancy – we put together the creative assets that’ll work best.


(First month)

We run targeted Facebook and Instagram ads to drive engaged clicks. We use conversions ads to ensure healthy streams, and over time we “save” engaged viewers (people who watch / click) to Custom Audiences for retargeting.



We optimize your ads and your audience to get consistent growth on Spotify. The end result is that a bunch of new people / stream / save / love your music, so you have a steadily growing fanbase and good data for Spotify’s algorithm. 

I recognize that all of this can be kind of confusing.
FAQs are here, and if you have more questions, feel free to reach out.

Campaign Pricing

Here’s how we structure the costs of our campaigns.


Designed for emerging artists looking for their first significant (and sustainable) traction on Spotify.

$997 / mo.

  • Ad Spend $500 / mo.

    This is how much you'll pay Meta each month to get in front of people's eyes and ears.

  • Management $497 / mo.

    This is how much you'll pay us each month to create ads, optimize campaigns, and deliver reports.


Designed for artists looking to reach the next level of consistent growth.

$1,997 / mo.

  • Ad Spend $1,000 / mo.

    This is how much you'll pay Meta each month to get in front of people's eyes and ears.

  • Management $997 / mo.

    This is how much you'll pay us each month to create ads, optimize campaigns, and deliver reports.


Designed for labels seeking a custom strategy to support multiple artists and releases.

$2,000+ / mo.

  • Ad Spend $1,000+ / mo.

    This is how much you'll pay Meta each month to get in front of people's eyes and ears.

  • Management $1k or 20%

    This is how much you'll pay us each month to create ads, optimize campaigns, and deliver reports.

What You Can Expect

Exact results vary, but here are some guidelines.

On a cost-per-stream basis, you will pay much more for ad streams than you would for playlist streams. (But ad streams are far more engaged over the long-term.)

You’ll likely see a Save Rate of 10% or more and a Streams / Listener metric between 2 and 4.

Algorithmic growth often happens when you reach around 10,000 streams with a save rate of 10% or more. (This will vary based on your spend, but it most often happens in Month 2 or 3.)


“Okay, but really… How many streams will I get?”

Yeah, we know you want to nail down numbers. It’s a fair question.

The honest answer is that results vary widely based on ad and song performance.

But we’ve collected real campaign data to give you an idea of the range you can expect.

Ready to get more (meaningful)
Spotify streams and followers?

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Classic question.

The honest answer: We can’t say for sure.

The exact number of streams you’ll get will vary depending on the audience you’re targeting and the strength of your song.

But, two things we can say: 1) Over time, it’s likely that you’ll get more than 3 streams for every dollar spent. If you can’t beat that within three months, then ads may not be your best option for Spotify growth.

2) The streams you’ll get will always feed Spotify good data, because they’ll be from engaged listeners who are legitimately interested in your music. (Not going to rewrite the whole “ads are good” spiel here, but just scroll up if you want a recap of why this is the case.)

Well, it depends what kind of results you’re talking about.

We’ll start to drive streams the first day the ads go live. You’ll start to see a bump in the first week. In most cases, results start to really pick up in the second month, when we have enough data to get consistent results – and then get even better from there.

Also, generally, the more you spend, the faster the process goes, because we can rack up data and optimize more quickly.

For sure.

But to be honest, you will get results. And most often, it’s wise to run things for at least a couple of months, so that campaigns can get optimized.

All that said, it’s still a fair question, and you’re free to cancel whenever you want.

Kind of. But not really.

Here’s the thing – Spotify’s algorithm tends to favor newer tracks, so you may see better ancillary results with a newer release. 

But ads can drive streams for any song, regardless of when it was released.

Honest answer? If you have the budget, you should do both.

Playlist pitching is the most cost-efficient way to get streams, but it carries inherent risk.

Ads are usually pricier (because you’re paying to get people from one platform to another), but they always provide engaged streams and good data.

If you have the budget, going with both options can give you the benefits of each while reducing risk – because even if you get on a bad playlist, your ads should feed Spotify enough good data that the damage won’t be too bad.

It’s kind of like investing. Having both ads (low-risk, steady growth) and playlisting (higher risk, high potential growth) in your portfolio is a nice balance.

Of course, let’s be real – most of us don’t have the budget to go heavy into both options.

So, if you have to pick one, it’s a matter of risk tolerance.

You need to have songs on Spotify, a Facebook page for your music, an Instagram account, and access to Meta Business Suite, ideally with a pre-existing dataset (pixel) and an ads manager.

If you don’t have one of these things, don’t worry – a bunch of artists come to us not quite sure what assets they’re working with. We’ll help you get things figured out and set up correctly so that you can run ads inside of your own account.

We can. As noted above, we prefer to run ads in your account, so that you have full control over your own data. But if for some reason (i.e., your account has been unjustly suspended) you want us to run ads in our ad account, we can do that, too.

Just mention that when you reach out.

We can. Once we’ve got your custom audience built, we can use it to show your music to people who’ve engaged with you before. That said, we’ve found the best results, from a streaming perspective, usually come from cold audiences.

I thought you might… this is kind of complicated stuff.

Shoot it over to jon at twostorymedia dot com.