We run custom campaigns for artists we believe in.

The goal is always to build meaningful connections around good music. Toward that end, we do stuff like:

  • Consulting
  • Brand development
  • Spotify promotion 
  • Social advertising
  • Press campaigns
  • Playlist pitching
  • Website optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Extreme ironing
  • Kidding about that last one, but all the rest were real

We’ll start by clarifying what your goals are, then we’ll put together strategies and tactics that we think will be most helpful in helping you reach them.

The point is always to offer the collection of services that makes the most sense for you / makes the most progress toward a meaningful fanbase. 


Here's how we price stuff.

We quote our engagements using one of two basic models:

Hourly Rate: $100

As you can probably guess, we use this rate for time-based projects (consulting, branding, etc.).

Project Rate: $500 and up

As you can probably guess, we use this rate for results-based projects (press campaigns, website optimization, etc.)

Here are some results we've gotten.